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Internal Gear Pumps-Explanation Of Structural Design Knowledge

In an    Internal Gear Pumps    , a gear with internal teeth meshes with a gear with external teeth. These pumps are available with or without a crescent-shaped diaphragm. Regardless of the direction of rotation of the shaft, designs that provide the same flow direction can be used.

The disengagement gear on the inlet side draws liquid into the pump. The mechanical contact between the gears forms part of the dynamic seal between the inlet and outlet. The meshing of the gear forces the liquid out of the discharge port.

The relatively low speeds and inlet pressure requirements of pumps often make them a more efficient alternative to centrifugal pumps, especially as liquid viscosity increases. These designs have proven to be reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Roughly shown that commercially available internal gear pumps can provide flow rates of 1–400 m3 / h and exhaust pressures of up to 40 Barg (sometimes higher). Pumps usually contain at least one bushing in the liquid. They can be damaged when pumping large solids.

Pinion driven internal gear pumps are a unique sub-category with unique operating characteristics. They are usually direct-drive devices that operate at bipolar, quadrupole, and hexapole speeds, and are often used to remove to very light wear, low viscosity liquids, such as hydrocarbon-based liquids. They are designed in single-stage or multi-stage modules and are capable of withstanding 200 Barg (sometimes higher).


As a professional China internal gear pump manufacturer and supplier. Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and supplies YLH series internal gear pumps with high working pressure, high volumetric efficiency, low pressure pulsation, low noise, wide speed range, and strong anti-pollution ability. This series of products are widely used in hydraulic systems of plastic machinery, leather machinery, pressure machinery, metallurgical machinery, forklifts and other industries. They are especially suitable for energy-saving systems of servo inverter drives. Welcome to buy:

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V / VQ Series Vane Pumps: Use Caution

1. When installing, use a flexible coupling, the concentricity tolerance between the pump and the motor shaft must be less than 0.10mm (TIR), the maximum allowable angle error is less than 0.2 degrees; the pump shaft should not bear radial and axial loads; The bracket must be strong, have good rigidity, and be able to absorb vibration sufficiently.

2. Set the suction pressure at the pump inlet: The recommended inlet pressure is 0 to 35Kpa.

3. The oil should be kept clean and the pipes and fuel tanks must be cleaned thoroughly; the cleanliness of the oil should be within NSA12.

4. Normal pump operation (under rated conditions) is based on the use of SAE10W oil in the range of 38 ° C to 82 ° C (or similar viscosity)

5. Before starting the pump, check the inlet, outlet and direction of rotation. After fixing the pump, rotate the shaft of the pump evenly and flexibly by hand. At the first start, if the pump does not start immediately, the air should be discharged from the pump's delivery line.

6. When used for the first time, the pump body and suction pipe should be filled with oil, and the pump should not be allowed to run without oil.

7. When the outlet pressure is lower than the inlet pressure, do not start the pump. This will cause working noise and blade instability.

8. Cold start conditions: When operating SAE10W oil in the range of 860 to 40 cSt, speed and pressure should be limited to 50% or less of their respective ratings until the system is warmed up. When the fluid viscosity of the starting unit is greater than 860 cSt, extra care must be taken. Care should be taken to warm up the entire system, including remote cylinders and electric motors.

9. At high temperature, the viscosity must not be lower than 13cSt, and the temperature must not exceed 99 ° C, because the expected value of cartridge kites and elastomers will decrease.



As a professional vane pump manufacturer and supplier in China-Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. states:   V/Vq Series Vane Pumps    have a unique filter element design in the vane, and have maintainability, high efficiency and long service life. Features. Suitable for industry. Welcome to purchase:

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Vane Pump Disassembly And Repair Operation Guide

I. Assembly of  Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits

1. All parts are cleaned

2.Place the oil pan 13 on a clean plate

3.After the rotor 14 is placed on the 13th part, insert all the blades 15 (12 in the picture) into the blade slots of the bottom 14

4. Put the stator ring on the rotor with blades installed 16

5. Insert the positioning pins 17 to 13: 0 while rotating 16

6. Position with the exposed two pins 17 and install in the oil distribution pan 18

7. Screw in the four hex screws 19 to screw the parts together, and put 0-rings 10 and 9 on the piece 13;

The Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits is assembled.

Repair of oil distribution pan

 The total depth of the end-face strain is not too deep (for example, less than 1mm), and the groove marks can be removed by flat grinding, and polished and assembled before reuse.

Three. Repair of the rotor

 The two end surfaces D and E of the rotor are moving sliding surfaces that are in contact with the end face of the oil distribution plate, so they are prone to wear and tear.

Fractures or cracks occurred in a small amount at the keyway. And the blade groove is widened and worn.


If only the two end surfaces are slightly worn, you can continue to use them after polishing; if the wear and tear is severe, you must use a spline mandrel and the center to position and clamp, and then polish the two end surfaces on a universal cylindrical grinder. However, it should be noted that the blades and stators should also be ground away at this time to ensure that the blade length is less than the thickness of the rotor 0.005 to 0.01 mm, and the thickness of the stator should be greater than the thickness of the rotor 0.03 to 0.04 mm.


Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of   Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits  . Welcome to buy our products:

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T6C / T6CL Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits -6 Features

The Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a vane, a pressure side plate, a side plate and a seal.

This product uses floating side panels, pin-structured blades, double-edged blade technology and new low-noise technology curing to process the stator. Compared with other fixed vane pumps, its advantages are:

1. High working pressure-can reduce the size of hydraulic actuators, control valves and tubing, thereby reducing costs, and can extend its service life by reducing working pressure.

2. High efficiency-Both volume and mechanical efficiency are higher than 94%, so it helps to increase productivity and reduce heating and operating costs.

3. Less pressure fluctuations-it will reduce the noise of the pipeline and extend the service life of other hydraulic components.

4. High anti-fouling properties-Blades with double-lip structure have higher anti-fouling properties and longer life

5. Low noise-The blade structure of the pin can effectively reduce the force generated by the blade on the stator. We also use a new low-noise technology stator, so the noise is very small. T * L series pumps have thicker bodies that reduce mechanical amplitude and noise.

6. Wide speed range-combines a large displacement pump core with a smaller pump body to produce a low noise, large displacement pump.

Especially this series of products are suitable for cutting machinery, plastic machinery, leather machinery, stamping machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, etc.


Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machine Co , Ltd  is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of     Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits   . For product details, visit:

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